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Rehab4Rehab already has a waiting list of families who cannot afford equine therapy. They do not yet have a diagnosis which means:

• no mental health plan or
• they do have a mental health plan BUT, it may not cover equine therapy

The cold facts in the latter instance is that they miss out!

We currently treat 2 children pro bono but also have more than 20 on our list.

We are currently in the process of setting up our secure online donation function.
Come back soon.

If you wish to make a difference and make a donation please CONTACT US.

Your Donation Provides…

$50 Buys 2 Bales of Hay to Feed One Horse, Hay for 1 Week

$250 Affords a Human in Need, a 60-Minute Therapy Session

$300 provides horse training and care for One Horse for One Week

Our Mission

Rehab4Rehab proudly provides the highest level of care & training to horses at our purpose-built equine facility. The equine assisted therapy programs help children & families with disabilities, developmental concerns & mental health issues.

Rehab4Rehab aims to provide helpful and effective group & individual interventions, with a focus on health, social & educational outcomes facilitated by select registered health professionals & therapists.

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