Why Us?

Why us?

While other equine therapy and retraining related programs exist, most providers are unregulated. Rehab4Rehab aims to expand its team of therapists registered under national boards such as AHPRA. Professions allied to medicine are qualified by a degree process; then by registration in order to be able to practice in Australia.

The registration follows a strict and rigorous government requirement which sets allied health teams apart from counsellors, psychotherapists, life coaches etc. and demands a high level of life evidence-based experience.

Red Hill Equestrian are the providers of the equine welfare, care and management. They are an experienced equine facility with a service skilled in retraining horses for a new purpose. This is where retired racehorses are prepared and assessed for their readiness for the program and are provided with ongoing full-care and management.

Our Point of Difference

We will try to explain. However, this is something that you need to be present, (and you are most welcomed to make a time to visit), so as to witness the purposefully-trained horse to human-in-need connection. The ensuing solution organically unfolds and the benefits become longer-lasting following each subsequent session.

Who would have thought providing a home for ‘homeless’ thoroughbreds and habilitating them towards the best possible life after racing could equally benefit humans? It is costly but worth every bit of time, effort and finance sourcing.

Rehab4Rehab facilitates a powerful equine-assisted therapy program beside a team of registered professional therapists, backed by a team of support workers from both health and equine professional backgrounds.


The Rehab4Rehab formula is scalable. Although our promise is a one year promise – to rest, reset, retrain and a potential option to participate in therapy for every horse, once the horses are rehomed there is a place for another.

With the support of like-minded communities and stakeholders who:

  • feel an ethical responsibility towards these horses and
  • value the mental and physical wellbeing of children struggling in society and at school

we anticipate a quick scaling capacity.

Why retired thoroughbreds you may ask?

All racehorses have had a purpose before they were even born. TO RACE.
For some, they have no purpose after racing and Rehab4Rehab creates a new purpose for them.
Thoroughbreds are notorious for being an athletic, smart breed of horses. They have had human interaction since being a foal and adapt and thrive to each of their life stepping stones.
When they join Rehab4Rehab, it is a much slower pace compared to what they’re used to, but as they are a highly adaptable and accepting breed, they will easily progress into their new phase of life, thus, making them a crucial element to Rehab4Rehab’s equine therapy program.

Guiding principles

To engage in the horses journey with respect, experience and skillful training, following techniques well considered in the equine industry
To provide the highest standard of animal husbandry and care
To provide exceptional purpose-built, equine facilities
To prepare horses for groundwork, riding and inclusion in the therapy program with an overall goal of re-homing
To engage in the child’s journeys with courtesy, generosity of spirit, wisdom and therapeutic knowledge to address their functional difficulties
To integrate ethical best practice, traditional well-being practices and clinical evidence within the program to assist in the child’s natural everyday settings
To work on goals which are meaningful to the child (as well as the adults in their life) and to motivate and empower children by inclusion in the equine program
To offer a non-clinical ‘feel’ with a clinical specialist expertise
To offer an inclusive workplace where staff are valued as respected members of the team.

Our Mission

Rehab4Rehab proudly provides the highest level of care & training to horses at our purpose-built equine facility. The equine assisted therapy programs help children & families with disabilities, developmental concerns & mental health issues.

Rehab4Rehab aims to provide helpful and effective group & individual interventions, with a focus on health, social & educational outcomes facilitated by select registered health professionals & therapists.

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