Service Providers

Our Service Providers

The main service providers are Red Hill Equestrian, Barefoot Therapists and Monash University. Rehab4Rehab is responsible for providing appropriate guidance around expectations, assisting with policies and procedures and for funding any services delivered by the three main service providers.

Red Hill Equestrian

Red Hill Equestrian will deliver the horse training and welfare program on a day-to-day level. They will be responsible for providing services and invoicing the not for profit weekly for services rendered.

Red Hill Equestrian will be responsible for:

  • Recruitment, training and retention of adequate stable staff and trainers for groundwork and riding to prepare horses for the therapy program and sale
  • Recruitment, training and retention of grounds staff
  • Ensuring horses work towards the set criteria required to be assessed and ready for the therapy program
  • Facilitating a horse training program in line with any stakeholder and research requirements


Monash University

Monash University is responsible for providing the researchers to conduct the research required into the equine facilitated therapy program.

Our Mission

Rehab4Rehab proudly provides the highest level of care & training to horses at our purpose-built equine facility. The equine assisted therapy programs help children & families with disabilities, developmental concerns & mental health issues.

Rehab4Rehab aims to provide helpful and effective group & individual interventions, with a focus on health, social & educational outcomes facilitated by select registered health professionals & therapists.

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