Rehab4Rehab was established to respond to the needs of our community and blend together equine and human health services with a powerful formula.

Located on the Mornington Peninusla at the home of Red Hill Equestrian, Rehab4Rehab offers an inclusive approach to the health and education of children and the health and education of retired racehorses.

Focusing on children with mental health issues /disengaged youth & retired racehorses, the Rehab4Rehab programs include working with horses in delivering their care, ground skills, training and mounted therapy.

It is becoming increasingly accepted that horses assist children when included in therapeutic programs. Rehab4Rehab works with and will continue to expand our resources of therapists with in-depth equine facilitated therapy experience.

Working on a planned collaboration with Monash University, we can research outcomes in Equine Assisted Therapy as evidence-based practice. Should it be confirmed as more successful than traditional therapy, we can train more horses and more therapists to make this available to thousands of children and retired thoroughbreds in need.

How Does the Process Work?

Welcome to Rehab4Rehab

  • Equine assessment & rehabilitation care plan

  • Graded introduction to stables, paddocks, handling

  • Change of pace, change of lifestyle

  • Life in the herd

  • Carrots, cuddles and cruising around

Professional Retraining

  • Groundwork & horsemanship

  • Under saddle – arena, floating & trail rides

  • Desensitisation – people, places, pressures

  • Equine evaluation for therapy readiness

Equine-Assisted Therapy

  • Grooming, groundwork and mounted

  • Child assessment and goal setting

  • Individual and/or group intervention

  • Child evaluation for continuation or discharge

Research & Development

  • Goal Attainment Scale to evaluate children’s therapy

  • Equine assessment to evaluate horse’s behaviour & health

  • Rating scales to analyse consumer feedback re: expectations

  • Develop policies, procedures and services in response to findings

  • Loop back stories and information to donors and community


  • Horses now consistent in responses under saddle

  • Personality, routines and quirks are understood

  • Horse is respectful for handling, health care and farrier

  • Ready for a new home and new role

  • Follow up horsemanship support available post rehoming

A word from industry experts….

Racing touches so many lives and Rehab4Rehab is another way that our industry can have a positive influence on the community as well as giving retired racehorses a further purpose once their careers are over. The benefits a program such as this offers are limitless and we are excited to see how the concept develops.
Danny O’Brien

Melbourne Cup winning trainer

We are passionate about our horses and their life after racing.Rehab4Rehab will provide an excellent service to re-educate racehorses for the next phase of their careers.We fully support the initiative and look forward to some of our retired horses providing pleasure for the community for many years to come”
David Hayes

Famous Racehorse Trainer

I was excited to read the opportunity Rehab4Rehab.A program, ready to go, to help not only the horses after their racing careers have finished, but our youth.It’s a win/win and will be welcomed with open arms by both the racing industry and the greater community.I wholeheartedly support this purposeful initiative, which gives so much back to the horses.
Matt Tripp

Online bookmaker pioneer

It’s heartwarming to learn about the wonderful work Rehab4Rehabe are doing within the community with their Equine Assisted Therapy Program.

I look forward to following some of my former horses progress with Rehab4Rehab. I fully support this great initiative as I know they will be loved and well cared for in their post racing life

Thoroughbreds are so versatile and intelligent and with the right training and education they are the perfect partners for Rehab4Rehab.

Robert Hickmont

Twice winning Melbourne Cup trainer

What a purposeful initiative to the racing industry. Well done Rehab4Rehab!

We strive to find forever homes for our equine stars and now we have the perfect scenario to be part of. It will be a humbling experience knowing that our owners horses will be helping people connect throughout this beneficial concept.

Tony & Calvin McKevoy

Over 20 years and 1000 wins in Racing

Our Mission

Rehab4Rehab proudly provides the highest level of care & training to horses at our purpose-built equine facility. The equine assisted therapy programs help children & families with disabilities, developmental concerns & mental health issues.

Rehab4Rehab aims to provide helpful and effective group & individual interventions, with a focus on health, social & educational outcomes facilitated by select registered health professionals & therapists.

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